Friday, October 21, 2011

Wow! Said the Owl

Wow! Said The Owl by Tim Hopgood
Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2009

While not a newly published book, this is one that's new to me. I do an owl-themed storytime almost every year, and I came across this when looking for something different to use. It would also work really great for colors.

The book begins with, "At night, when we are feeling tired and ready for bed, owls are just waking up." I love the simplicity in this statement. It goes on to talk about how owls can see in the dark, giving just enough background information on owls for youngest listeners.

One night, this curious little owl decides she will take a nap and then stay up to see what the day has to offer. She wakes up just before dawn and says, "Wow!" when she sees the pink sky. Each new color that she sees makes her say, "Wow!" The repetition of the word makes for great interaction, as kids can say it with you each time. And when night falls, the owl finds that it has some pretty beautiful colors of its own.

The illustrations are big and bold and work well for a large group. Individual readers will notice a color wheel at the end of the book, with a note that all of the colors can be found in the book if they want to look through it again and notice and name them.

Reviewed from purchased copy

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