Thursday, March 10, 2011

Currently Reading

I wanted to find a good balance between writing about adult, young adult and children's books, but adult books take me longer to read, so I feel like I've done more posting about children's books, especially picture books lately.

I'm going to periodically post what I'm currently reading, and hope that you will chime in with a comment about what you're reading and what you're liking about it. Or not liking, if that's the case.

Right now I'm reading Summer at Tiffany by Marjorie Hart.  This book was published in 2007, and I've had it sitting in various places in my house since then. I was so excited to get a copy of it; I'd read great reviews and was looking forward to reading it, but I was waiting for just the right moment to read it. You know, when I'd time to really appreciate it. It's okay to think that sounds crazy. Anyway, I picked it up the other night and finally started reading it, and it has not disappointed. It's proving to be a quick read, a delightful trip back in time to the summer of 1945.

That's the summer when Marjorie and one of her sorority sisters from the University of Iowa move to New York for the summer. They are certain they'll get jobs at Lord & Taylor, but end up working at Tiffany & Co. There, they are the first women to work on the sales floor - they work as pages, delivering packages to the repair and shipping departments and the book is full of tales and behind-the-scenes glimpes of the store. They are working when Judy Garland visits the store on her honeymoon, when Marlene Dietrich stops by to shop, and Marjorie even models earrings for a notorious gangster.

Even though they spend the summer pinching pennies to be able to afford living in New York, the two have some really incredible experiences, including being in Times Square on VJ Day.
This is a great mix of a biographical tale of a young woman living on her own for the first time, as well as a different, and personal, look at New York in the summer of 1945.

What are you currently reading?


  1. Sounds like an excellent book, I'll have to check it out. Currently, I'm re-reading Sold. It's the book that opened my eyes to the horrors of human trafficking. Patricia McCormick wrote it. If you haven't read it, it's definitely worth a look :D It's nice to meet a fellow avid reader :) Take care and happy swapping!

    Kendra (hxckendra)

  2. This book sounds great! I'm going to check it out from my library.

    Have a great day,
    Phoerauf from Swap-Bot

  3. I'm reading The Hunger Games trilogy. I'm on the second book right now and so far it is not as good as the first, but I'm still enjoying it.

  4. Loved this book. Ended up reading the whole thing in one night. :)