Sunday, March 6, 2011

Paisley's Pick - Loki & Alex

Loki & Alex: The Adventures of A Dog & His Best Friend
by Charles R. Smith, Jr.
Dutton, 2001

I had a little helper for this review...

Amy: This is a story about Alex and his dog Loki, and an outing they have at the playground. The story alternates between Alex's and Loki's perspectives, as do the photographs.

Paisley: And, because dogs see a little bit different than people, everything Loki sees is a black and white photograph and everything Alex sees is a color photograph. It is great to see what Loki thinks. Sometimes he does not think the same thing as Alex, like when Alex thinks Loki is naughty because he digs in the trash but really Loki is being a good dog because he is getting his own treats!

Amy: It is very cute to see how differently they think some times. I liked seeing Loki go down the slide.

Paisley: But do you know what? In this book, Loki gets to run free without a leash at the playground. Where I live it is the law I have to be on a leash.

Amy: That's true. And even if it were not the law, you need to make sure your dog will come when called if you take her off the leash. So that is definitely something to talk about when you read this book.

Paisley: I'm not very good at that, am I? But I have some funny stories! Maybe I will tell one of my own stories next time.

Reviewed from library copy - Actually this book is out of print, so definitely look for it at your library.


  1. Paisley, you and Amy are an awesome writing team! I liked your pick and the way you shared telling about it. Keep on reading!

  2. what a lovely review! i love children's books.

    i'm now following your blog :)

    - memtree ( from swap-bot

  3. Hi Amy, it's Scamp from Swapbot here, following you through the Blog Followers #2 swap. Thanks for the book ideas, my nieces are going to love that I've found this site.