Friday, June 17, 2011

Dog in Boots by Greg Gormley

Dog in Boots by Greg Gormley
illus. by Roberta Angaramo
Holiday House, 2011

Dog is reading a book about a cat who wore "truly magnificent boots." (Puss in Boots, but you don't need any knowledge of that story to enjoy this one.) After finishing the book, he thinks for a bit, and then decides to make a visit to the shoe shop. (He's British, so it's a shop, not a store, which makes me love this book even more.) He shows the shopkeeper a picture in the book, and asks for something similiar. The shopkeeper has just the thing. Excited about his new boots, Dog heads home to dig up his very best bone, only to discover his boots are not that great for digging. And, not only are they not good for digging, they've gotten all muddy.

He takes them back to exchange them for something better for digging. His new rainboots turn out to be perfect for digging, and on top of that, the mud washes right off. But, they're not so great for swimming. Back to the shop he goes. Dog tries three more types of footwear, but there is a problem with each one. On his final trip to the shop, he asks for something good for digging and swimming and scratching and running and nice and furry. Dog leaves completely satisfied, and digs, swims, scratches and runs. Then, he begins a new book...about a girl with a red cape.

The illustrations are bright and colorful, and will work well with a group. The layout is perfect: on one page, you read what his footwear is good for, such as the rain boots being wonderful for digging, and then you turn the page and find out what they are not good for (swimming). Dog is adorable - he is always so excited when he gets each new set of shoes, and tackles each of his activities with lots of enthusiasm. Such fun!

Reviewed from library copy

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