Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer Fun!

How Will We Get to the Beach? A Guessing Game Story
by Brigette Luciani, illus. by Eve Tharlet
trans. by Rosemary Lanning
North-South Books, 2000

I'm always excited to do a beach-themed storytime because this book is so much fun! It is great for audience participation (particularly preschoolers), and would also work for a transportation theme. Or, just enjoy it at home with your kids.

Roxanne has five things to take to the beach: her baby, a ball, a book, an umbrella and a turtle. They can all "be counted on the fingers of one hand." I always hold up my fingers and have the kids count with me when I introduce the items, and ask if they can help me remember them.

The problems begin when Roxanne's car won't start - how will they get to the beach? Various modes of transportation are tried, but there is always one thing that can't go on the bus, the hot air balloon, etc. And so Roxanne, being unwilling to leave anything behind, seeks out another way to get to the beach. The illustrations are big enough that a group can clearly see the items, and observant readers/listeners will be able to tell what is missing. On the following page, you get confirmation of your guess (or find out the correct answer as to what can't go) and are given a reason why. For example, when Roxanne attempts to get on the bus, you see her baby, the ball, the book and the umbrella. The turtle is missing. Turn the page, and you learn he can't go, because animals aren't allowed on the bus.

The illustrations are bright and colorful, and there is such great facial expression, even in the turtle! It's sure to be a hit!

Reviewed from library copy

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